Renovation projects can create many challenges with potential construction constraints, such as when a client’s vision is more than the space can handle.  But they are also very rewarding.  There is something so exciting about taking a fixed space, envisioning other ways it can be used, and then transforming it into a brand new, beautifully functioning dream come true. Whatever the challenges are and however big they may be, seeing and experiencing that transformation is  well worth any ‘bumps’ along the way. It reminds me of the ultimate transformer!

I love to document the project. The “before” pictures of any renovation are so important. The before floor plans, if available, and photos provide a reference that might have been missed in the first location visit. But most importantly, they document the transformation of space, of style, of personality.

Before Pictures:

This project started as a result of my clients’ desire to either build a new home or buy a spec home. They could not find a piece of property that they liked any better than what they had, so the next step was to see what changes could be made to their existing 1987 house and transform a “not so open” floor plan to an open floor plan that they had seen and liked in many of the new homes today.

Clients Requests:

  • Create an open and free flowing floor plan
  • Remove cooking from the island
  • Update all the appliances
  • Create more storage space
  • Two islands
  • Seating for 3-4
  • Interaction between cook and guests.  Lots of casual entertaining.
  • Overall style of the kitchen to have a touch of Old World flair, warm and inviting.
  • Furniture inspired pieces in the kitchen

Design Solutions:

  • Openings from the kitchen into the dining room and great room were made wider. Headers were raised from 7’ to 8’ to enhance the openness.
  • Cooking was removed from the island and moved to an exterior wall.
  • Windows were added to either side of the range hood to maintain natural light and enjoy the backyard view.
  • A refrigerator armoire was designed as the result of a request for “furniture” pieces integrated into the design. Pantry storage was design into this furniture piece.
  • The overall floor plan did not allow for two islands as the client requested. The solution was a main island with the sink, dishwasher, wastebaskets and seating for two as part of the main work zone.
  • A peninsula now becomes a “second” island that provides additional seating, bar sink, ice-maker, refrigerator drawers, coffee system and TV. This area is the beverage center, a perfect place for casual entertaining.
  • Roll out trays, adjustable shelves, spice storage pull outs, tray dividers and cutlery dividers provide efficient and well planned storage. The microwave is housed behind flip-up pocket doors; a warming drawer is fully integrated into a drawer base.

The overall look and feel of the kitchen is very warm and welcoming. This same feel spills into the surrounding rooms to provide unification throughout the main floor. The two different cabinet finishes complement each other and their placement adds balance to the space.  The rich wood tones of the refrigerator armoire are repeated on the wood top of the peninsula. The many design details in this kitchen add great personality to this area and are reflective of the homeowners’ lifestyle, needs and wishes for the look and feel of this much-used room.

Floor Plans:

After Pictures: