In the Ericken project, I have included the floor plans , elevations and some final photographs of the kitchen and bath vanity area. The process for all my projects is to spend time with my client to discuss the spaces and find out what they have envisioned, what they want to accomplish regarding space and style. From that time of listening and discussion, I create a series of design concepts that will be presented and discussed with the client. We talk, we tweak, we may change things around a bit so that the client’s perfect plan is the final plan.. That final, or ‘master plan’ is shown in a series of drawings below.

With the Erikson project, at the time designs were being created the products were not finalized and so generalities were made. The important thing is the function of the space, placement of appliances, plumbing and storage.

It is important that when planning for a kitchen or bath, the details are not forgotten. It can be the little things lost in the beginning that in the end become the “I wish I had… I should have… Why didn’t I think of this…”, And that takes us back to the beginning, the first step of listening and learning what it is you are trying to accomplish and how I can make that happen.

The kitchen features Classic Styling with modern amenities:

  • Two sinks, two work zones
  • Cook sink in the island Professional style range
  • Refrigerator drawers in the island
  • Dish pantry
  • Refrigerator Armoire
  • Built in coffee system
  • Classic styling with modern amenities